War against AIRD
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Common people’s MILAP will win the war against AIRD

rheumatologists are very importent specialist for war against AIRD


War against AIRD: There is an urgent need to sensitize the general public across the country to combat autoimmune rheumatic diseases. So that, people become well aware about these diseases. Being aware increases caution towards such diseases and people will take the initiative to seek medical advice from an expert immediately in case of doubt.

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Most people think of joint pain as an orthopedic problem, but rheumatologists are specially trained to treat conditions such as joint pain, low back pain, or arthritis. Due to lack of information, people suffering from this disease start consulting orthopedics experts. In such a situation, a lot of time can be wasted in diagnosing diseases related to ARD. If people would immediately approach a rheumatologist for the treatment of such diseases, then the possibility of physical harm caused by the effects of these diseases would be reduced to a great extent.

War against AIRD
War against AIRD

MILAP, a community awareness program of caas india foundation, is proving to be a major medium of awareness at the community level towards ARD diseases. The Mass & Individual level Awareness Program (MILAP) is currently being conducted in different phases in the National Capital Territory of Delhi and NCR. We aim to spread awareness about ARD diseases among common people across the country through this program. War against AIRD

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