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Talk to Expert : Largest Medical Consultation Platform for Patient Guidance

Largest Medical Consultation Platform for Patient of AIRDs


Largest Medical Consultation Platform- Patients suffering from Autoimmune Rheumatic Disorders (ARD) have the necessary medical advice and guidance. CAAS India Foundation has taken many useful steps realizing this need. We first started a video program called Talk to Expert for patients suffering from ARD. In which experts from different hospitals across the country were invited and tried to know the different aspects of this disease from them.

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Largest Medical Consultation Platform
Largest Medical Consultation Platform

Over time this series continued and now we have all these programs uploaded in the form of episodes on caas india youtube channel. Through the Talk to Expert program, experts have highlighted every aspect that can prove useful in combating ARD diseases. We have also set up (Caas India TV). Through which useful videos related to ARD diseases can be seen.


These steps of ours are proving especially useful in ARD awareness campaign. Through these videos, we try to save the patients suffering from the disease from the risk of physical harm and disability by sharing all the necessary information in time. Detailed information related to ankylosing spondylitis disease of ARD category is available on our youtube channel and caas india tv. For specific information you can visit caas india tv and caas india youtube channel.



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