Caas India Foundation's ARD Warriors Trophy
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Caas India Foundation’s ARD Warriors Trophy

Caas India Foundation’s ARD Warriors Trophy- Autoimmune rheumatic diseases mostly affect people aged 15-35. In such a situation, it is necessary that we make maximum number of youth aware. We have chosen cricket as one of the main medium of our awareness campaign. Cricket is a popular game and it is famous among people of all age groups. In such a situation, cricket is an easy and effective way to draw people’s attention towards the awareness campaign for ARD diseases.

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The planning team of Caas India Foundation decided to organize a cricket tournament to create awareness among people. So that the participants of this program and the audience coming to watch the program can easily be told about autoimmune rheumatic diseases. We organize ARD Warriors Trophy every year. Among our many activities, ARD Warriors Trophy is proving to be a very successful event.

In this event cricket match is organized between different cricket clubs along with caas india foundation team. We also do a special event at the end of the program. In which renowned rheumatologists, orthopedic specialists, experts in community medicine, neurosurgeons, eye specialists, specialists in diseases of the digestive system, immunologists, physiotherapists, Ayurvedic specialists, naturopathy specialists and many other doctors are invited. During the discussion organized at the end of the program, we share important aspects related to ARD diseases to the cricket participants and audience.

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In this program we also invite patients and their relatives affected by ARD disease and give a chance to share their problems and experiences related to the disease. Through all these activities, we share more and more information related to autoimmune rheumatic diseases among the common people so that they remain aware and sensitive towards these diseases. Caas India Foundation’s ARD Warriors Trophy

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